February 19, 2010

a night out with dennis lehane

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As you may know, today the movie version of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island opens in theaters nationwide. Dennis’s publicist here at Harper, Brianne Halverson, was lucky enough to attend the premiere, and I asked her to report back to all of us peons. Here’s what she had to say about the excitement, the stars, and everyone’s favorite celebrity boyfriend, Mark Ruffalo:

What do you do when you’re sitting 4 feet away from Dennis Lehane and his novel-turned-movie is being introduced by Martin Scorsese? The answer is gawk.

This week I was lucky enough to attend my first movie premiere at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York. Not only was I attending a screening of a film by a legendary director, filled with an all-star casting (including Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Kingsley and Patricia Clarkson), but more importantly I was there as a guest of the books-to-films writer, Dennis Lehane (Mystic River; Gone Baby Gone). To say that I’m a fan of Dennis’ work is an understatement so I was properly geeked out on his behalf.

I’ll leave the meaningful reviews to the film critics and move onto to my rabid gawking. I won’t lie, I was lucky to see a lot of blingy celebrity but here were my personal favorites:

Alec Baldwin – tall, bloated (in a normal, “I’m in my 50’s” sort of way), congenial.
Michelle Williams – Saw her at the after party. Red lips, angelic face, wearing the highest of heels. She delivered old school Hollywood glamour.
Anthony Edwards – I had to resist the urge to say “Talk to me, Goose” but I’ll tell you…the man was wearing a plaid coat. He looked like he should be doing standup in the Catskills. Loved it.
Martin Scorsese – The voice, the glasses, the eyebrows…it was almost as if Marty was a caricature of himself. Classic.
John Kapelos – Aka the janitor from the Breakfast Club and the fiancé from 16 Candles. He was adorable in person and fantastic in the film. Lots of enthusiastic handshakes from that guy.
Leonardo DiCaprio – I’d like to say that we had eye contact or, even better, we spoke—but alas, other than him waving to the crowd when Martin Scorsese gave him a shout out, Leonardo was an elusive figure.

And last but not least…Mark Ruffalo. Sigh. Keep in mind, despite never having met the man, I choose my dress for the night and entire makeup color palette around what I thought Mark would like best. From the moment I entered the theater all senses were tuned into spotting Mark and making him become my friend. It turns out that my senses were remedial and it wasn’t until after I left the theater that I was told that Mark was sitting DIRECTLY BEHIND ME the entire time. The evening was saved during the after party when Mark was on full display to my hungry eyes.

All in all, I drank multiple free margaritas, ate eco-friendly food, saw an incredible film and spent time with an amazing author. Not a shabby night in New York.

Will you be seeing Shutter Island this weekend?