February 11, 2010

ask not what neal pollack can do for you, but what you can do for neal pollack

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You may know Neal Pollack as a humor writer and the author of Never Mind the Pollacks, The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, and Alternadad. But what you may not know about Neal is that he’s branched out . . . into yoga. We’re publishing his newest book, Stretch, a farts-and-all look at the discipline, this summer.

Neal has decided that it’s high time he gains some actual yoga expertise. But to become a yoga teacher, one must endure yoga teacher training. And to endure yoga teacher training, one must pay. And since, contrary to popular belief, semi-well-known humor writers aren’t exactly rolling in money, Neal needs some help:

But Neal won’t just take your money and run. He’s offering plenty in return, even beyond the joy of helping him achieve the perfect chair pose.

Go Neal!


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