October 27, 2009

CONTEST: the most BADASS book of all time

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If you want to give yourself a case of the giggles… erm, I mean… an education of history’s most bone-crushing badassery – check out Ben Thompson’s BADASS, on sale today! Based on Ben’s hilarious blog, BadassoftheWeek, (this week’s badass is Stephen Colbert, and yes Ben, I totally agree) BADASS is an ass-kicking compendium of muscle, brawn, and insane bloodlust and bravery. My favorite line may be:

“The rule of Ramses the Great was a golden age in Egyptian history, and his name was passed on for generations, much like that of Julius Caesar in Rome, except there’s no such thing as a Ramses salad (but there really should be — it would be romaine lettuce, dates, and goat cheese, and when you order it the cashier punches you in the face).” Who’s hungry?

To win a copy of BADASS, leave a comment of who your favorite badass is, and why you think they’re so skull-smashingly great. And check out the trailer – it’ll put some hair on your chest.