June 23, 2009

dueling readings redux!

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Once again, we have two awesome Harper Perennial author events scheduled on the same night. Curses! They are as follows:

1. Lance Reynald, author of Pop Salvation, at Borders Columbus Circle at 7 pm.

Our beloved author Josh Kilmer-Purcell had this to say about Pop Salvation: “Pop Salvation is a genius take on discovering who you are by becoming what you most admire. If I didn’t know better, I’d think Lance Reynald watched me grow up. Marvelously endearing and insightful.”

2. Peter Terzian (plus contributors!), editor of Heavy Rotation: Twenty Writers on the Albums That Changed Their Lives, at Book Court in Brooklyn, 7 pm.

Ann Powers, music critic for the LA Times, had this to say about Heavy Rotation: “At some point in nearly everyone’s life, pop music becomes not just another pastime but a lifeline, a shock to the system, a new language that illuminates the self. These essays shine wonder on those passages, whether they come in childhood or during the emotional mess of college or later, in full adulthood. Albums may be going the way of the telegraph, but music still makes us cry, think, lust, worry, shout for joy. Thanks to the writers of Heavy Rotation for reminding us of that central fact.”

The choice is yours! And if somehow, neither of these events sounds awesome to you, you might also check out the launch party for Jancee Dunn’s new book, Why Is My Mother Getting a Tattoo?, at Word Books in Brooklyn. It’s not a Harper Perennial book, but we did publish Jancee’s But Enough About Me (a favorite of mine), and we do love both Word Books and Jancee’s editor, Jill Schwartzmann.

So basically, you have no excuse not to go out tonight if you’re in nyc. Unless you’re me and you have to go home and continue icing your back. Anyway, we’ll have more on Pop Salvation and Heavy Rotation later in the week, and maybe even a few contests, so keep checking back.


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