July 28, 2009

@LanceRey’s POP BOX contest!

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Lance Reynald, author of Pop Salvation, is running an awesome and unique contest on his website. The winner will receive a pop box, which is a box containing:

“Certainly books, random trinkets and toys found in a days wandering, things that make me think of Pop Art, Music, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Candy, Posters, Makeup, things my friends might want to put in a box, handwritten notes, photographs, postcards… the list goes on. For the most part it will be things that remind me of all that inspired the novel Pop Salvation. Those of you that have already read it can surely imagine what kind of treats that might net the lucky winner. A bit of glam and glitter brought to your doorstep via the US Mail.”

How can you resist? To win, all you have to do is send Lance a photo booth strip with a few words about how it came to be (check out Eight Inch Stripper for examples). Lance will gather all the entries and choose one randomly to receive the box. For updates on what might be in the box, check out Lance’s twitter.

I love that Lance is doing something to encourage more photobooth pictures, one of my most favorite things in the world. As a Harper Perennial employee, I’m probably not eligible to win, but I think I might send in photostrip(s) anyway, just for fun.


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