July 16, 2008

Links of love

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Our many cohorts and colleagues have been buzzing about on the internet. Here are links to some notables:

Sebastian Horsley’s memoir, Dandy in the Underworld, gets the love-touch from Nicholas Lezard at The Guardian: “Speaking personally”

We hear that Meri Weiss’s debut novel is now published, Closer to Fine. Our friend, Roger Rosenblatt says “[she] writes beautifully of love and death in a family, which, in her careful hands, becomes everyone’s family.”

My new favorite Russian video: Gorbachov: The Music Video

On NPR’s “All Things Considered,” Brad Meltzer gave a rousing recommendation of Replay by Ken Grimwood. This title is a bit deep on our backlist (now, of course, reprinted) and the author, sadly, died in 2003, but there’s something fitting about new life being gifted to a novel about gifting new life. Read more at Omnivoracious.

Lee Rourke, author of Everyday, considers “The return of British avant garde fiction” at The Guardian.

SEED Magazine, one of our favorite science publications (and it’s so much more than that), is calling for entries to their SEED 2008 Science Writing Contest. For rules and other information follow the links!

Lastly, my boy, Dan White, author of The Cactus Eaters, gets a great review in The San Francisco Chronicle: “Rough trail, enjoyable book”