March 10, 2010

lionel shriver day!

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It’s Lionel Shriver Day! To celebrate the release of Lionel’s newest novel, So Much for That, I and several other bloggers (including Nicole from Linus’s Blanket, who co-hosted this challenge) read books from her backlist.

I’ve read nearly all of Lionel’s books (including the classic We Need to Talk About Kevin), but I had never read my backlist choice: Checker and the Derailleurs. It’s the story of a charismatic, seemingly happy-go-lucky, nineteen-year-old drummer named Checker Secretti, and his band, The Derailleurs, who orbit around him in varying stages of idolization, lust, and disgust. There’s a ton of stuff packed into this novel: a green card marriage, two suicide attempts, glassmaking, parties, arrests, and a lot of music, but it never felt overdone. One of my favorite things about Lionel’s writing is the way she writes about unlikable and despicable people, and it’s easy to see the beginnings of that great talent in this early novel.

Now for the fun part! Anyone talking about Lionel Shriver today—whether in the comments here on this post, on twitter, or on their own blogs—will have a chance to win a copy of So Much for That! If you blog or twitter (with the hashtag #lionelshriver), leave a comment here with a link. I’ll randomly pick five winners (not including me! I’m also very psyched for So Much for That.) So get to it—what do you love about Lionel’s writing? What book is your favorite?