July 24, 2008

Literary Shame!

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LOVED this article in the Telegraph about great unread books. At the Ways with Words Festival, which the newspaper sponsors, they asked writers what classic books they are ashamed to not have read. There’s a video of several very proper-sounding British authors confessing their deepest shames; one guy even wrote an entire thesis on Wuthering Heights without ever having read it!

If you ask my boyfriend, my greatest flaw is never having read Art Spiegelman’s Maus, but I’m not sure what I’d say. Maybe Lolita? Commenters on the article are chiming in with their answers; the most shameful wins a prize. I’m just shocked (shocked!) at how many people have admitted they’ve never read any Shakespeare. Greatness aside, how did they manage to make it out of high school without it being forced upon them?