November 09, 2009

naked girls reading

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Warning: The website I am about to discuss has some naked breasts on it. Don’t freak out.

Naked Girls Reading stages events in major cities across the US with (shockingly enough) naked women reading books. They’ve already done several, including one in honor of banned books week, and will soon be doing a nude reading of A Christmas Carol in honor of the holiday. They read sexy books (Lady Chatterley’s Lover) and non-sexy books (Oh the Places You’ll Go!) As their about page says:

Naked Girls Reading is a group of beautiful ladies who love to read…naked. That’s really it. There’s not a whole lot more to it. Should there be?

I mean, sure, we also like to do it in front all of you voyeurs via photos, videos and very special live events, but you don’t have to look for something larger here – something pretentious or even seedy. Once you experience it, you’ll stop asking so many questions and just let the concept take you.

There’s something beautiful, something altogether more intimate, about a woman reading pretty much anything in her, well, altogether. It’s just that simple. So why are we still talking about it? Because people can’t seem to accept its simplicity.

I’m posting about this tonight not necessarily because I think it’s something some of our readers will enjoy (though some of you undoubtedly will) or because I want to get some angry comments (like when I posted about fuck yeah puppies), but because I can’t make up my mind about it. It all seems very rah-rah reading, until you get to the part about how Naked Girls Reading is related to the Naked Girls Book Club, a members-only site with videos of some of the Naked Girls and other salacious content that charges (a small) fee.

What do you all think? Let’s discuss!


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