December 31, 2008

NYR: erica barmash

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My inbox is empty (well, empty of new year’s resolutions, at least) and it’s time to post my own answers:

What was the best book of the year?

It didn’t come out this year, but In the Woods by Tana French was my favorite. I never knew a thriller could be so beautiful. My second favorite was Tunneling to the Center of the Earth, a book of short stories by Kevin Wilson that won’t officially be released until April of 2009. Of books that were released this year, I really liked Have You Found Her by Janice Erlbaum (a memoir you can believe!), Have You No Shame by Rachel Shukert, and When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson.

What was the best movie?

Say what you will about them, but I was most thrilled with life after seeing Step Up 2: The Streets and Twilight. And blown away by Rachel Getting Married and Revolutionary Road.

What was the best song/album?

I read a lot of books, saw a lot of movies, and watched a lot of TV shows this year. Something had to suffer for it.

Favorite Blog?

My awesome cat news blog, World Wide Whiskers. If we’re talking other people’s blogs, then it’s Jezebel all the way.

Who was the person of the year?

My dad.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

Get an agent for the novel I wrote this year, write another one, floss daily, take vitamins, go to disney world

** Bonus question: Where do you see the world going in 2009?

Someplace good.


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