November 15, 2010

reliable authors

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One of my favorite authors, Lionel Shriver, is up for a National Book Award for her latest novel, So Much for That. Though I immediately obtained a copy when the hardcover came out last year (a copy I ended up giving to a good friend), I haven’t read it yet. It seems like a no-brainer—your favorite author releases a new book, and you go right out and buy it and devour it as soon as you get home. But I’ve started to notice that for me, it’s a bit different. There aren’t all that many authors out there who I can really, really depend on. But when one of them publishes something new, a part of me wants to save it for a day that I really need to read something awesome, when I want to be completely engrossed.

I’ll be getting to Lionel soon (though a part of me wonders if I should save a book that relates to our health care system for after my doctor’s appointment later this week.) But for now I want to know: who are your reliable authors? The other ones for me are (and I’m sure I’m missing some):

Louise Erdrich
Tana French
Kate Atkinson
Isabel Allende (only read two of her books, but she’s on her way to making the list)