October 29, 2009

Shelf Discovery: our list!

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Argh, don’t you hate when you accidentally post something before it’s ready? That last post should have had our Shelf Discovery Challenge book list, so here it is. All of these books are super tentative and subject to change based on our whims/us thrusting our copies of certain books in each other’s hands and begging each other to read them. Participating will be me (Erica Barmash), AB (our Harper Perennial marketing director Amy Baker), and our Harper Paperbacks marketing team: CS (Cathy Serpico, who blogs here as well) and SS (Stephanie Selah, appearing on the olive reader for the first time!) We’re each doing one book we’ve read before and one book someone else recommended. And our beloved Book Club Girl will be doing her own challenge on Bookclubgirl.com.

So, the books (in random order) with our comments:

Are You There God – “I read it when I was too young to understand some of the nuances of what was actually going on.”
My Darling, My Hamburger – I suggested this to Stephanie as her “book I’ve never read before.”

Wolves of Willoughby Chase – “It’s like an Edward Gorey world, but for kids.”

Erica and Cathy
Flowers in the Attic
Erica: “Who doesn’t love incest and kids being hidden in attics?”
Cathy: “I remember my brother’s girlfriend telling me about that book and I said “Is that like Flowers for Algernon?”

Ring of Endless Light: Book Club Girl was simply appalled that I had not read this one.

Stranger with My Face: “Do you know how many times I tried to astral project after reading this?!”
Then Again, Maybe I Won’t: “Why don’t people talk about wet dreams anymore? That’s all we used to talk about when I was 11. Do guys still have those?”

AND, I still plan to host a Christopher Pike mini-challenge, and will be forcing Christopher Pike books on these ladies who have shockingly never read them since I own all of them.