July 26, 2010

summer 2011 launch meeting

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I just got back from our summer 2011 launch meeting. Yes, you read that correctly—we just talked about books that won’t be published till a full year from now. Our launch meetings are where most of the company (sales, library and academic marketing, publicity) find out about upcoming books for the first time. There’s not a ton of discussion (we save that for our planning meetings), but the launch meeting helps us start thinking about what our goals are for these books . . . and gets everyone psyched to read them. So here’s what I’m looking forward to for summer 2011. Some things to keep in mind:

—None of the books we just launched were duds, so even if I don’t mention a book right now, it doesn’t mean I don’t want to read it. These are just the ones that are particularly Erica-targeted.
—We only launch our paperback originals, so there are also many reprints of books that were published in hardcover that are awesome too.

So here’s the list! In no particular order:

1. Children of Adults by Chad Kultgen
Chad is the author of The Average American Male and The Lie, two of the foulest, most hilarious books I’ve ever read. In this book, he’s focusing on the sex lives (online and off) of junior high school kids and their parents.

2. Skinny by Diana Spechler
It’s about a counselor at a fat camp. I am not-so-secretly addicted to shows about weight loss. I liked Diana’s first book, Why By Fire. This seems like a win for me.

3. Book of Lies by Mary Horlock
A teenage girl murders her best friend. I read that sentence and I was in.

4. The Greek Affair by Simon Van Booy
Two books of short stories, three books of philosophy, and finally, a novel from Simon! I know I’m not the only one excited.

I won’t get to read any of these for a while, but in a way, I love that. Something to look forward to . . .