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June 2009

Take That, Scourge of Time

David Giffels’s All the Way Home is the story of a man’s journey in search of the perfect house for his family. This is rather like my search for the perfect water bottle that won’t smell ghastly no matter how long I’ve left the cap screwed on, though in David’s case, the decaying Ohio mansion he moved his family into has evolved through seasons of grueling home improvement — now standing as a gorgeous symbol of determination, dedication, and a warms-your-insides feeling of what it means to build a home and a family. Which is probably more than I’ll ever say about a water bottle — smelly or not.

Check out David’s photo gallery of the before-and-after shots of his home — like a tour through a Dickensian orphanage that ends with all the flourish of your favorite episode of Extreme Home Makeover. Do you have a sudden urge to go home and clean everything now?

Extra coolness factor: David’s previous books include one about Devo.

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