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October 2009

more spelling!

Here’s some video from Monday’s CLMP spelling bee, courtesy of Vanity Fair. Sadly, our Ben Greenman (you know, THE WINNER) isn’t featured, but you can see him stand up to take his turn after James Frey gets out, and you can get a good look at the judge, Oxford English Dictionary editor-at-large Jesse Sheidlower, who basically made the night.

I also enjoyed this anecdote from the Wall Street Journal site about Ben:

“After the event, Greenman was standing outside when a passing beggar asked for change. Greenman obliged, walked away, then stopped and contemplated giving the man his crown, too. Then he thought better of it, since the crown was only tin-foil, not silver. Also, Greenman said, ‘How do I know that he’s a good speller?’”

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