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July 2008

His accent deserves its own award

imagename Ross Raisin (he’s the guy on the right in this photo; the other guy is Willy Vlautin, and the two of them are signing books at last week’s event at Word in this photo) was just longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize for Young Writers, which carries with it a $115,000 award. Way to go Ross! Go here to listen to him talk about his debut novel, Out Backward.

September 2010

FAMILY PLANNING shortlisted for the dylan thomas prize!

We’re proud to announce that Karan Mahajan’s Family Planning has just been shortlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize! As you can see from the below picture, Karan (bottom left) stands out quite a bit from the other nominees by virtue of the fact that he’s not a young lady with short hair:


I read Family Planning a while ago, but I do remember that it was a fun and funny look at life in New Delhi, as seen through the eyes of a government minister and one of his thirteen children. I feel like often when I read literature that takes place in other countries it’s of the serious, “this is an important look at our culture” variety, and so it was awesome to read something that does examine a culture through fiction but that does it with a lot of humor.

And, since I just ended one contest, why not start another? Everyone who tells me their favorite novel about another culture in the comments has a chance to win!

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