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November 2009

Harper Perennial Pets Presents… HENRY

Meet Henry:


Henry’s greatest joys including waking up his cat-mom (marketing coordinator Cathy Serpico) before sunrise, sitting in the tub after his housemates have gotten out of the shower, putting the moves on his love rug, and occasionally forgetting where he is and meowing his head off. If he isn’t receiving enough attention, (and if you’re home and he’s not sitting on your lap, he is not getting enough attention) Henry will happily impress you with his mountaineering skills by climbing up your leg.

Favorite book: T.S. Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Cats
Favorite food: Whatever Cathy is eating
Favorite place: On top of whatever Cathy is trying to read
Life Goal: Getting fur on every article of clothing in existence; giving the world a head-butt of love.

When we throw the Harper Perennial Pets Ice Cream Social, Henry will likely keep to himself in the corner in his alpha-catness and his unwillingness to share his love rug with anyone, but that shouldn’t stop you from walking up and introducing yourself. He’s into you making the first move. Especially if you’re wearing dark pants he can brush up on.

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