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July 2008

All the sad young FSU men

imagename There’s just six hours left to bid on a remixed version of Keith Gessen’s All the Sad Young Literary Men over on ebay. This special version comes courtesy of Gawker, where writer Hamilton Nolan complained that Gessen talked about Harvard way too much in his book. After a bit of back and forth, Gessen agreed to personally cross out every instance of “Harvard” (as well as any references to Harvard-related things that would no longer make sense, such as dorm names or names of local bars) in Nolan’s copy of the book and replace it with a college of his choosing. Nolan chose Florida State University, and Gessen happily complied. The bidding’s up to more than $700 and the proceeds go to the New York Coalition for the Homeless.

I wonder if we could do this with some of our Harper Perennial books. Think of the possibilities: The Yiddish Policemen’s Union could become The Pig Latin Policemen’s Union. A mash-up of Arrested Development and The Summer of Naked Swim Parties called The Summer of Never-Nude Swim Parties, where every instance of full-on nudity is replaced with jean shorts. A version of We Disappear where, instead of being addicted to meth, the main character is constantly jonesing for broccoli. Any other ideas?

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