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July 2008

Boy Tour TONIGHT in Greenpoint

If you’re heading out to Greenpoint tonight to see/hear Willy Vlautin and Ross Raisin (authors of Northline and Out Backwards, respectively) at Word Books, you might get hungry afterwards. Here are some establishments that I, as a resident of Greenpoint, have personally tested, all within a five-minute walk of Word:

68: Quiet, classy, not too expensive. I recommend the spicy penne with tomato cream sauce. (Greenpoint Ave between Franklin and West)

Pio Pio Riko: There’s no website that I can find, but they don’t need one. The best rotisserie chicken, rice, and beans you’ll ever have, and it’s dirt cheap. (Manhattan Ave at the corner of Huron st)

Corner Frenzy: Also with no official website. Yes, Corner Frenzy is otherwise known as the M&W Laundromat. But they have 24 flavors of soft serve ice cream, as well as slushies, hot dogs, and various other items. On a hot night there’s nothing like Corner Frenzy. (across the street from Pio Pio Riko at Manhattan and Huron)

His accent deserves its own award

imagename Ross Raisin (he’s the guy on the right in this photo; the other guy is Willy Vlautin, and the two of them are signing books at last week’s event at Word in this photo) was just longlisted for the Dylan Thomas Prize for Young Writers, which carries with it a $115,000 award. Way to go Ross! Go here to listen to him talk about his debut novel, Out Backward.

November 2008

congrats to ross raisin

Ross Raisin’s Out Backward* has been nominated for the Guardian first book award. Check out the article for a handsome picture of Ross, as well as information on how readers’ groups helped narrow down the 10-book longlist to the 5-book shortlist.

*titled God’s Own Country in the UK

December 2008

NYR: ross raisin

From Ross Raisin, author of Out Backward and owner of the best accent I’ve ever heard:

What was the best book of the year? The Wolf, Joseph Smith.

What was the best movie? Il y a longtemps que je t’aime.

What was the best song/album? Not sure what their album is called, but the one by a band called Daisy, Kit and Lewis

Favorite Blog? I still don’t really understand fully what a blog is.

Who was the person of the year? Boris Johnson. Just kidding. Obama.

What is your New Year’s resolution? Not to let anything get in the way of writing.

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