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January 2010

Harper Perennial Pets Presents . . . Boo-Boo!

It’s the return of Harper Perennial Pets!


This week, in honor of the on-sale of A Common Pornography, we present Kevin Sampsell’s cat, Boo-Boo!



(photos by Frayn Masters)

As Kevin says:

“For a long time, we thought she was a neighbor’s cat who just liked to hang out in our yard. We’d tried to lure her in and eventually she would come in and stay in for a long time. We realized a few months later that she must not belong to anyone. She’d stay inside our place all day and usually at night too. And we feed her every day too. One of her favorite things to eat is yogurt. Maple and lemon are her favorites.”

“I’m not averse to putting cats in my writing either. My last two story collections each had a story with a cat as the main focus. In Beautiful Blemish, it was the story I Heart Frankenstein, and in Creamy Bullets it was Cat in Residence. Though there is no mention of cats in my memoir, there are a few mentions of my childhood dog, Scooter, whose photo will appear in the PS section.”

Note: Scooter is quite adorable as well. To celebrate the return of Harper Perennial Pets and to celebrate Boo-Boo and Scooter, I am giving away three copies of A Common Pornography. Just comment below with the name of your childhood pet for a chance to win! Bonus points for telling a weirdly hilarious story about him or her (and by bonus points I mean I will count your entry twice.)

May 2010

kevin sampsell is a moby awards finalist!

We’re very proud of our author Kevin Sampsell, whose book trailer was chosen as a finalist in the low budget/indie category of the 2010 Moby Awards! In case you missed Kevin’s trailer the first time around (when I promoted the hell out of it), here it is again:

Now go out and read the book that inspired this (potentially) award-winning trailer!

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