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January 2009

how a book cover gets made


Harper Perennial cover designer Adam Johnson talks about the process for The Complete Works of Oscar Wilde at one of my favorite book cover design sites.

From my research I knew I needed to portray Wilde’s flamboyant character, his larger than life personality that perhaps rival his writings, and his dandy style. The photo nailed it with the over-the-top garb and nonchalant expression. The type needed to be equally flashy, and at first I began to base it on his signature. Eventually it evolved to my free-flowing gestural sketches of his name. Because some of my research showed Wilde depicted with such high reverence, to the extent that some images of him were almost apostolic in portrayal, the lines of titles originating from Wilde act as his rays of enlightenment and glory.

Check out more of Adam’s work here.

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