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May 2010

book bloggers come to harper collins!

Yesterday was a very special day here at Harper Perennial. We had visitors!

We loved hanging out with Trish from Hey Lady! Whatcha Readin’?, Natasha from Maw Books, Nicole from Linus’s Blanket, Lenore from Presenting Lenore, Michelle from Galleysmith, Alea from Pop Culture Junkie, Amy from My Friend Amy, and Gail from Ticket to Anywhere.

After we had loaded them up with books and fed them and sent them on their way, the office was just a little bit less fun . . .

September 2010

updated book blogger contact list

We originally published this list back in June, but there have been some changes, so now it’s new and improved!

Want to review a book published by HarperCollins? Talk to these people!

And view all our upcoming titles at HarperCollinsCatalogs.com.

Harper Perennial:
Erica Barmash, erica.barmash AT harpercollins DOT com,
@harperperennial on twitter

@ericabrooke on twitter (for more musings about books, cats, tv, and Chipotle)

Harper Paperbacks:
Mary Sasso, mary.sasso AT harpercollins DOT com,
@maryrsasso on twitter

Avon A
Until the end of 2010, contact Mary Sasso (see above)
2011 and beyond, contact Shawn Nicholls (see below)

It Books:
Jeremy Cesarec, jeremy.cesarec AT harpercollins DOT com
@itbooks on twitter

Ben Tomek, benjamin.tomek AT harpercollins DOT com
@eccobooks on twitter

William Morrow, Eos, and Avon mass market:
Shawn Nicholls, shawn.nicholls AT harpercollins DOT com

Harper (hardcover)
Mark Ferguson, mark.ferguson AT harpercollins DOT com, @harperbooks on twitter

Harper Teen:
Arianna Heintz, arianna.heintz AT harpercollins DOT com

Balzer and Bray:
Laura Kaplan, laura.kaplan AT harpercollins DOT com

Melissa Bruno, melissa.bruno AT harpercollins DOT com

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