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August 2010

cookbooks 101

Here at Harper Perennial, we publish many different kinds of books—fiction, non-fiction, memoir, books about sex, books about drugs, and (especially if you count our friends at It Books) books about rock and roll. But one thing we don’t publish—and one thing I sorely need—is cookbooks.

You see, I am not a good cook. I’m not a bad cook exactly; I’m more like a lazy cook. I’m usually cooking dinner after a full day here in the Harper Perennial trenches and often a trip to the gym, and at those times, often an egg sandwich even seems like too much work. But I do want to be a better cook, and I want cooking to be more fun. So tell me: what cookbooks do you recommend for an almost-beginner? I don’t like Indian food, but otherwise there’s probably something in almost any cookbook that I’d try.

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