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September 2009

HP hearts BK: our day at the brooklyn book festival

Harper Perennial’s day at the Brooklyn Book Festival began quite early on Sunday morning, as some of us woke at the crack of dawn to haul all of our awesome books and free stuff back to Brooklyn from our midtown office. Despite crazy train delays and a quick wardrobe change (it was a lot hotter out than I expected, but maybe that had something to do with hauling boxes of books), we arrived safely in Brooklyn and unpacked.



The day quickly got off to an exciting start with a surprise visit from our author Russell Banks! We knew he’d be at the festival, appearing on a panel, but we were super excited when he stopped by. He got to work signing copies of his books Rule of the Bone and The Reserve, which were quickly snapped up by eager fans.


After a visit from HTML:Giant contributor and Harper Perennial author Justin Taylor (Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever, out this winter), who pretty much sold me on the new Nicholson Baker book, we had our first author signing of the day! Ken Davis, author of Don’t Know Much About Literature, America’s Hidden History, and a whole slew of other books filled with things you should really know (but don’t), showed up promptly at 11 with his wife Joanne. He has awesome glasses and was beloved by all who had the chance to meet him.


Soon everything started to blur. We had another signing (Peter Terzian, author of Heavy Rotation.) We had more author visits (Josip Novakovich, author of April Fool’s Day and Infidelities, Ben George, author of The Book of Dads.) One man tried to throw his trash away in one of our boxes of books behind the table but stopped when I gave him the death glare. Multiple people watched a video of my cat humping a blanket. We all wore olive stickers and buttons. We had, spread out over various points of the day, ten people (and three significant others and one very cute baby!) at the booth. We sold a lot of books, and we had a lot of fun.

And next year, the Target dog is going to have to take a back seat to one of us (not naming any names) who has sworn to dress up like an olive.


We’re coming for you, Target dog! And you too, Brooklyn Eagle that I did not get a picture of!

Most importantly, the Olive Reader must pay tribute to marketing maven Stephanie Selah, without whom none of this would have been possible. HP may heart BK, but we all heart Steph.

September 2010

brooklyn book festival!

This Sunday is another event we’ve all been waiting for—the Brooklyn Book Festival! We’ve already partnered with Brooklyn-Based to tell you all about our awesome authors’ panels and to offer a special, super-cheap deal, so I thought I’d use this post to:

1. tell you to come by our booth and say hi to me! I’ll be there all day selling my heart out, along with various other harper perennial marketing people and editors.

2. tell you that in addition to the previously mentioned super-cheap deal you can find on Brooklyn-Based, we’ll also be offering all our books at just $10 each even for those without the coupon, AND debuting our brand-new, very exciting HARPER PERENNIAL TOTE BAGS, free with your purchase of $20 or more.

3. suggest some of my favorite places in the area for lunch, including: Chipotle (185 montague street, needs no explanation), Cafe Luluc (214 smith street, vaguely french), Bar Tabac (128 smith street, more than vaguely french), Blue Marble (196 court street or 420 atlantic ave, ice cream, maybe not for lunch but definitely not-to-be-missed), and Clover Club (210 smith street, the best baked eggs you’ll ever have). There is also a Mexican place I prefer to Chipotle in the general vicinity that I will tell you about if you ask.

lit crawl and brooklyn book festival recap (with photos!)

This weekend, Harper Perennial participated in two awesome events: Lit Crawl NYC and the Brooklyn Book Festival.

First up was our literary trivia night at KGB as part of the Lit Crawl. I didn’t take any photos, but I can tell you that Jason Mulgrew read about his small penis, Rachel Shukert read about the most disgusting fondue you could possibly imagine (hint: it involves . . . fluids), and Neal Pollack read about farts. Yes, that’s Harper Perennial for you—keepin’ it classy. The winners of our trivia were Team Wolfmother, who left without claiming their prize, thinking there was none! But that has been rectified and their prizes are on their way.

Then came Sunday and our booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival. We huddled together for warmth during the wind and rain and sold a ton of books! Shiny gold stars go to everyone who helped and sold their hearts out:

our marketing director Amy
harper paperbacks marketing coordinator Mary
harper paperbacks marketing associate Stephanie
assistant sales manager Jess
online marketing manager Michael
it books marketing associate Jeremy
publicist Joseph
library marketing associate Kayleigh (whose own recap you can see at the link)
editor Brittany
managing editor Dori

And, of course, our fearless leaders Carrie and Cal. (Fun fact: the only time all day I sat down was when Cal and I ate pizza.)

I also met lots of my favorite bloggers/twitterers for the first time and saw some familiar faces too! All in all, it was a great day for anyone who loves books . . . as you can see in the below photos!

Steph, Jess, and Mary

Browsing at the booth

Me and Amy

The plaid brigade: Jeremy, Michael, Joseph

Already looking forward to next year!

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