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August 2008

new on OliveTV

Dennis Cooper talks about writing theater vs. books

Simon Van Booy wants to be a garden gnome (it’s sweeter than it sounds), among other things

December 2008

secret santa (or, if you prefer, secret hanukah harry)

Harper Perennial author Dennis Cooper recently tipped us off to this great lit blog, HTML Giant. At the same time, I had heard about their First Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange to Support Independent Literature. It works like how you would expect a Secret Santa exchange to work: you email your name and address to HTML Giant, they send you back the name and address of your gift recipient, you buy them something related to independent literature. I’m about to sign up and I already know what I’m going to get whoever my giftee is. You should sign up too, because then you might get my awesome gift. You have until midnight on Friday, December 5th.

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