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November 2009

must we twilight-ify everything?

For the Shelf Discovery challenge, some of us will be reading (and re-reading) Flowers in the Attic, that classic of incest and being locked in an attic. When I first read this book at age 11 (yes, I know this was probably too early), this is what the cover looked like:


But now there’s a new cover, and it looks like this:


Look, I love Twilight, but does everything need to look like it now? I was cool with the Wuthering Heights makeover because it seemed like it’s goal was to bring Twilight fans to the classics, a very worthy cause. But though Flowers in the Attic could be considered a love story, I just don’t know how I feel about it. At least there’s four flowers to represent the four children, though.

And at least it isn’t this:


I’m sorry, that’s just a little too lovey-dovey for a story about incest. Flowers in the Attic is not the inspiring romance that this cover might lead someone to believe it is.

What do you think? Is it time to stop putting wilting roses and shiny apples on book covers? And is there anyone else out there who got in trouble for reading Flowers in the Attic in school and passing it to all their friends?

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