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December 2009

one last contest before christmas!


We here at Harper Perennial are thrilled to host one more contest before Christmas! I have in my posession ten SIGNED copies of Sarah Hall’s How to Paint a Dead Man, a daringly imaginative tale in which multiple lives are woven together through the prism of a still life painting. Moving from Italy to England, spanning nearly half a century, and bringing together the lives of four disparate characters, How to Paint a Dead Man is Hall’s fierce and brilliant study of art and its place in our lives.

Plus, Sarah is lovely, and she has a lovely accent.

So! To win, just leave a comment and tell me what you’re hoping to get for Christmas (or what you already got for hanukah). Go!

September 2010

book blogger appreciation week giveaway!

Happy Book Blogger Appreciation Week! For those of you who don’t know, Book Blogger Appreciation Week is when we celebrate those people we all love: book bloggers! There are suggested writing topics, giveaways, and awards, and it’s an awesome chance to find new blogs to read (my google reader is trembling in anticipation.)

To celebrate, Book Club Girl is giving away an excellent twitter nameplate necklace just like mine. So of course I’ve got to give something away too! Something that’s been in the works for months here at Harper Perennial HQ. Something like . . . our new tote bags!!!



The front of each bag is the same, but we’ve got five different quotes that appear on the back from Justin Taylor, Katrina Kittle, Barbara Kingsolver, Ben Greenman, and Simon Van Booy. And we’re giving them away! Five lucky winners will each get a bag. Just leave a comment and tell me a Harper Perennial book that you’ve either read and enjoyed or are looking forward to reading. (It’s fun when you plug our books instead of me doing it!)

And . . . go!

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