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December 2008

NYR: dennis cass

From Dennis Cass, author of Head Case:

What was the best book of the year?

Paul Tough’s Whatever It Takes

What was the best movie?


What was the best song/album?

Sad, but true: I haven’t followed new music since my son was born. Thank goodness Tears for Fears sounds as fresh as ever.

What’s your favorite blog?

Nathan Bransford runs a charming, intelligent agent/publishing blog. Not that it matters, but he is also handsome. (blogger’s note: yes! that blog is a favorite of mine. And I’m not just saying that because I know Nathan reads the Olive Reader.)

Who was the person of the year?

If I wanted to try to look cool, then I’d pick someone other than Barack Obama. Instead I’m going to try to look cool by picking Barack Obama.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

To be on my computer less. (No offense, Internet!)

Where do you see the world going in 2009?

Only good places.

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