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July 2008

Literary un-shame

It seems like the biggest news this week is the publication of Breaking Dawn, Stephenie Meyer’s conclusion to the Twilight saga. I haven’t read any of the books, and don’t know anyone who has (with the exception of my department head’s 14-year-old daughter), but it got me thinking about books or series with this huge level of hype, where people often openly scorn you if you haven’t read them. My own personal example of this would be Harry Potter. When the last book was released, several of my co-workers just couldn’t accept that not only had I not read any of the books, but I had no desire to. Zero. And I was not ashamed.

Of course, Harry Potter and Twilight are hugely hyped books, but the hype can get out of control for any book if everyone around you is into it. I can imagine how someone who had no interest in Dandy in the Underworld would have felt when everyone at Harper Perennial (me included) went nuts for it. Then again, how could you not find this guy to be completely and utterly charming and intriguing? (bonus, that’s CK’s voice in the video).

(And PS, I’m intrigued enough that I probably will read Twilight. Another, non Harper Perennial related part of my job involves a lot of vampire books, and I’m curious. But I’m still no-Harry-Potter-4-life.)

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