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September 2008

compliments for kill your friends

From Publishers Weekly:

With the record industry in turmoil, this thoroughly twisted roman à clef from a former A&R insider couldn’t seem timelier. Set in 1997, this debut novel follows the loathsome and morally bankrupt 27-year-old Steven Stelfox as he curses, drinks and snorts his way through a cutthroat career. Crass and bitter, Steven despises everything that originally inspired him, and as the bills pile up from his various illicit habits and ventures, he tries in vain to find the “next big thing” so he can secure another bundle of money. Satirizing Big Music, the novel brims with self-evident truths—as Steven explains, he usually only hits one in every 10 acts, but even that allows him to do better than most. As Steven’s arrogance precariously struggles against a healthy dose of paranoia, he faces his ultimate nightmare: he might actually have to sober up, do some work and break out a decent record by a decent act. This is not for the easily offended, but readers with at least a slightly deranged bent will have a ball.

Harper Perennial: books for people who are slightly deranged.

Kill Your Friends comes out in January.

January 2009

john niven on decadence, music, and murder

Check out this Q&A with John Niven, author of Kill Your Friends, over on Anthem. My favorite line is in response to a question about how much Niven based the book on his own experiences doing A&R for a record company:

“Well, I worked in A&R, but I never killed anyone.”

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