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December 2008

NYR: larry smith

Faves from Larry Smith, one of the editors of Not Quite What I Was Planning, the book that started the six-word memoir craze, and the upcoming (as in, on sale in a week) Six-Word Memoirs on Love & Heartbreak.

What was the best book of the year?

The best I read was rereading The Great Gatsby. And the book that came out this year that stuck with me quite deeply is One More Year, a first book of short stories by Sana Krasikov.

What was the best movie?

Trouble the Water (though I haven’t seen a bunch of the just-released Oscar-contender types).

What was the best song/album?

By far the best thing I heard this year was Bollywood hip hop of unknown name, blasting through the speakers of a cab I hailed around midnight one night this fall. Every time we stopped at a light or in traffic, the cabbie would turn down the volume, turn back to me and yell “Happy cabbie! You’re in the happy cabbie. Life is good! Have no stress! Happy cabbie. Happie. Cabbie. Happy cabbie.” He must have repeated that phrase 30 times in the 15 minute ride from Soho to Park Slope. It was surreal and awesome.

The new Kanye West album is good, too.

What’s your favorite blog?

Cassette From My Ex

Who was the person of the year?

Studs Terkel

What is your New Year’s resolution?

More yoga, more sleep, more clarity.

Where do you see the world going in 2009?

Back to basics.

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