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August 2008

dirty movies (sorta)

Red-band trailers are the movie previews for “restricted audiences only” aka the ones with the good stuff. They don’t get shown in theaters, but they’re becoming a pretty useful internet marketing tool. TrailerSpy collects ‘em all in one place. They’ve got one for this weekend’s big release, Pineapple Express, but, shockingly, nothing for the other movie I’m excited to see this weekend, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2.

a comedy of terrors

The producers of a new Bollywood film called Hari Puttar: A Comedy of Terrors are being sued by Warner Bros, which claims that it’s a little too close to Harry Potter for their liking. The Bollywood producers, however, claim it’s a total coincidence, because their movie is actually about “an Indian boy left home alone, who fights off burglars when his parents go away on vacation,” a plot that is of course far closer to Home Alone.

Bollywood movies that copy American movies are not uncommon (I’ve had Holiday, the Bollywood remake of Dirty Dancing, on my Netflix queue for a while now), but, based on the poster art below, it seems like the sanctity of Harry Potter is safe.


March 2010

scarface as performed by children

I think what kills it for me is the stuffed tiger:

EMBED-Scarface School Play – Watch more free videos

August 2010

freakonomics: the movie trailer

I’m pretty excited about this movie trailer for Freakonomics:

Movie available fairly soon on iTunes!

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