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August 2008

Never mind the pollacks, here come the yogis

There’ll be a bit of a wait before it comes out, but we here at Harper Perennial are very excited to have just signed up Neal Pollack’s latest book—about yoga! I love yoga, but I find I never go to classes because there’s just too much emphasis on breathing and envisioning and all that hippy-dippy stuff sometimes. Hopefully Neal’s book will provide some much-needed humor about the subject.

And Neal is not just writing a book about yoga. No, he’s also participating in a 24-hour yogathon! It’s for charity, of course, and you can donate if you wish by following that link. As he said in his email:

“I’ll be doing 24 hours of consecutive yoga from 2 AM on August 31 until 2 AM on September 1st. In case you were concerned, The organizers inform me there will be meal breaks, and that I will also be allowed to use the bathroom whenever I want. The latter will be important, because I don’t want the other yogis to see me vomit when I hit the wall. You’ll also be invited to the memorial service that will inevitably follow, as I’ve never done more than two hours of consecutive yoga in my life.”

Go Neal!

February 2010

ask not what neal pollack can do for you, but what you can do for neal pollack

You may know Neal Pollack as a humor writer and the author of Never Mind the Pollacks, The Neal Pollack Anthology of American Literature, and Alternadad. But what you may not know about Neal is that he’s branched out . . . into yoga. We’re publishing his newest book, Stretch, a farts-and-all look at the discipline, this summer.

Neal has decided that it’s high time he gains some actual yoga expertise. But to become a yoga teacher, one must endure yoga teacher training. And to endure yoga teacher training, one must pay. And since, contrary to popular belief, semi-well-known humor writers aren’t exactly rolling in money, Neal needs some help:

But Neal won’t just take your money and run. He’s offering plenty in return, even beyond the joy of helping him achieve the perfect chair pose.

Go Neal!

September 2010

lit crawl nyc!

Harper Perennial has quite a bit going on this weekend. So much, in fact, that I’m breaking it up into two posts! This one is going to be about our totally awesome Lit Crawl NYC event:

Lit Chicks vs. Book Boys: Literary Trivia with Harper Perennial
KGB, 85 East 4th Street
Sat, September 11th, 6:00-6:45 pm
Join Harper Perennial for a night of girls vs boys trivia, awesome prizes, excellent readings, and alcoholic beverages. Rachel Shukert represents the girls, Jason Mulgrew the boys, and Neal Pollack hosts.

Last year, my team made it to the finals, where we were “helped” by our author Tony O’Neill, who told us some very incorrect things about the ancient mariner. This year, you could be the one trying to explain to one of our mildly intoxicated authors why you know more about literature than they do. Do other events give you that kind of access? I think not.

So that’s your Saturday night right there. Come back later this week to learn how you should spend your Sunday (hint: at the brooklyn book festival! But I’ll tell you why.)

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