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September 2009

CONTEST!: jess walter and the financial lives of the poets

Here at Harper Perennial, we publish paperbacks. But occasionally there are hardcover books that even we believe are worth the weight. Books like Jess Walter’s The Financial Lives of the Poets.


Of course, you don’t have to take our word for it. Perhaps you might be swayed by Time magazine, which called it “the funniest way-we-live-now book of the year.” Or perhaps you might be swayed by Nick Hornby, writing in Parade, who said it “made me laugh more than any other book published this year. Walter is one of my favorite young American writers, and he deserves to be huge.” Or maybe you might be swayed purely by the fact that it’s about a poet who’s also a financial journalist who’s also on the brink of financial ruin who also, to hilarious effect, becomes a pot dealer.

It doesn’t matter. Just read it! To make it easier for you to do that, we’re having a little contest here on the Olive Reader. All you have to do is comment and tell us one thing you’d be willing to go into debt for, the more ridiculous the better. I would personally like a private soda fountain in my house. What about you?

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