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August 2010

quick books, or books you’ve read in one sitting

Nearly every review, tweet, or facebook post I’ve read about Marcy Dermansky’s BAD MARIE mentions the sheer unputdownable-ness of it. “I read it in two hours!” “I just thought I’d read a few pages and I couldn’t stop!” I felt the same way when I read it, and it got me thinking. “Unputdownable” is a word that gets tossed around a lot, but even the most suspenseful books have to be put down if they’re over a certain length, or if, at some point, the suspense is overpowered by disturbing or confusing plot points.

So I ask you: what books have you read in one sitting? I finished a book in two sittings this weekend (Drinking Closer to Home, by Summer of Naked Swim Parties author Jessica Anya Blau, which I will be writing about much much more because I absolutely totally loved it), but I can’t remember the last time I did a one-sitting-read. Perhaps with Jennifer McMahon? Her books (Promise Not to Tell, Island of Lost Girls, Dismantled) are definitely one-sitting reads.

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