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December 2009

how to start 2010 off right


Looking for ways to improve your life in the new year? You can start by attending the launch event for It All Changed in an Instant, the newest six-word memoir book from the folks at SMITH. The event will take place on January 5 at 7:30 pm at one of our favorite stores, WORD, and we hope to see you there. You can even get in on the action a bit early by entering WORD’s very own six-word memoir contest! Submit your entries to kelly@wordbrooklyn.com for a chance to win.

January 2010

the newest six-word memoir video!

If you have not yet been convinced to attend the event for It All Changed in an Instant tomorrow night at Word, perhaps this video can make the case even more eloquently than I can for the awesomeness of the book:

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