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June 2010

the first page, a new video series from harper academic

Our friends at Harper Academic have started a new video series with Thomas Foster, the author of How to Read Literature Like a Professor, focusing on the first pages of classic novels. The first installment features To Kill a Mockingbird:

July 2010

english 101 #6: to kill a mockingbird (halfway through)

Yesterday, July 11th, marked the 50th anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird!

On Friday, I had the brilliant idea that I should re-read the book in time for this anniversary (I had always planned to do it sometime this month.) My history with TKAM is an odd one. I first read it in fifth grade and hated it. Like, couldn’t get past the first 50 pages hate. The teacher who had given it to me was appalled (as my teacher the previous year had been when I gave The Diary of Anne Frank the thumbs down.) Luckily, in eighth grade I had to tackle TKAM again as assigned reading, and things went much more smoothly. But though I clearly remember liking it, I really couldn’t remember much else about it.

So on Friday night I dug into TKAM for the third time in my life, and I’m happy to say that it’s the best so far. I feel like I can finally appreciate the clarity and simple beauty of the writing. I feel like it’s finally sticking with me in a way it didn’t the first or second times. I’m only about a third of the way through, but I’m looking forward to finishing sometime this week.

Of course, we’ve got tons going on for the anniversary, including parties and events, and you can check that out here: http://tokillamockingbird50year.com/. But mostly, I just encourage you to pick up TKAM again, even if you’ve read it before, because I think you’ll be glad you did.

and for more on TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD . . .

Whether you’re re-reading now or read long ago, honor To Kill a Mockingbird by writing a letter to one of its characters! I would probably choose that poor rabid dog . . . .

Dear Atticus, Dear Scout, Dear Boo…
Letters With Character call for submissions to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD

Ben Greenman’s Letters With Character celebrates the art of letter writing as a form of fiction. Sunday July 11th was the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In honor of this timeless classic, Harper Perennial and Ben Greenman are asking for your letters to your favorite character from To Kill A Mockingbird. Email your submission to LettersWithCharacter@gmail.com and check out the site here to see which ones we post!

Harper is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of To Kill A Mockingbird all summer long. Check for local and national happenings on our Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/OfficialToKillAMockingbird50thAnniversary and our official website.

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