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December 2008

Charlie McCarthy: Video Supergod

I’m a die-hard believer in the art of the mixtape, so I was tickled pink when I learned about the Manservant almost-daily email that sends out a free song along with some juicy factoid, picture, musing or list paired with the song for an experience greater than the sum of the parts. Today was the first time I bothered to follow the link to a video, and looky: instant, gorgeous, breathtaking 2 and a half minutes of zen. Charlie McCarthy’s videos remind me of that feeling of driving with the windows down and the radio up to the most perfect song for the scenery. More on Charlie’s page on Vimeo. Che bella.

October 2010

harper perennial pets: the dog who couldn’t stop loving

My favorite part of this video from our friends at Harper hardcover is when the two dogs’ paws are touching. It’s like they’re holding hands!

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