July 14, 2010

the jason mulgrew bar tour

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Some of our authors go on bookstore tours. Some go on blog tours. But Jason Mulgrew, author of Everything is Wrong With Me, is going on a bar tour! (And ok, there might be a bookstore and a library thrown in.) See below for more info from him, and please note that I’m not just posting this info because the last time we hung out Jason bought me as many amaretto sours as I wanted. I’m posting it because he threatened to kill me.

Kidding! So kidding.

Also, bloggers in the below cities: if you decide to hit up any of these events, please let me know! Now, here’s Jason:

The first order of business is that we’ve got some book-related events coming up. If you haven’t been to one of my readings before, how it works is that I show up (usually with a pretty solid buzz), I read a story or part of a story (usually one that I wrote, but who knows?), then we do a Q&A at the end. Everyone goes home happy, except me, who ends up masturbating in some strange hotel room while watching Pornhub clips on my iPhone. It’s a real experience, for sure.

At any rate, if you live in the following cities and are looking for something to do, come on out. Note that events in Cleveland, Chicago and Milwaukee are not so much “readings” but more “I’m taking a week off and road tripping/getting drunk in each of these cities, but in order to write off the entire trip come tax time, I have to say it was in support of my book, so if anyone asks, I did a reading.” This also means that there will be no books for sale at these events – we’re meeting in a bar, after all – so you should buy a copy in advance and bring it with you (if you show up at my event without a copy of the book, I’ll fucking strangle you) (and not even in the sexual way) (probably). Finally, the formal LA and NJ Shore readings should last about an hour and you should try to be on time, whereas the bar ones will last longer and be more loose with time, because, well, I’ll be getting pretty drunk.
Full details are as follows:

Los Angeles
Thursday, July 22 at 7pm
14651 Ventura Boulevard
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Jersey Shore (Surf City)
Wednesday, July 28 at 7:30pm
Ocean County Public Library
Long Beach Island Branch
217 S. Central Ave.
Surf City, NJ 08008

Monday, August 9 at 6pm
Flannery’s Pub
323 E. Prospect
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Wednesday, August 11 at 6pm
Cortland’s Garage
1645 West Cortland Street
Chicago, IL 60622

Thursday, August 12 at 6pm
The Irish Pub
124 N. Water Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202