October 19, 2010

things people asked us at the boston book festival

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This past weekend, we took a road trip to Boston and sold books at the Boston Book Festival. It was super fun (except for when we had a purse stolen out of our booth), and in lieu of a “and then this happened, and then this happened” recap I thought I would present you with some interesting things that people asked us or said to us over the course of our eight hours at the booth:

Do you have any lesbian authors? (cue frantic viewing of the table, trying to remember the sexual orientation of every author)

Does Harper Perennial have an office in Boston? (sadly, no, especially considering how excitedly this question was asked every time)

Do you have any books that men would like? (I sold her Manhood for Amateurs and Predictably Irrational)

Would this be good for a book club? (said while holding up Jason Mulgrew’s Everything is Wrong with Me. yes, if your book club isn’t easily offended)

Do you have any of that Amish romance? I want to buy it for my preteen son. He’s really into Twilight, but I want to steer him in the right direction. (um, huh?)

And of course, there were many people who wanted us to publish their manuscripts, even once we explained that we were all from marketing, not editorial, and that the best way to get your book published by us is to get an agent. One man in particular really, REALLY did not want to believe that.

All in all, though, we had lots of fun and will most likely be back next year! Yay Boston!


(from left to right: Jen aka Book Club Girl, marketing director Amy, harper paperbacks marketing coordinator Mary, and me (Erica, marketing manager.) Photo taken by the lovely Dawn at She is Too Fond of Books.