May 04, 2009

trivia night (aka something to look forward to)

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It’s a very dreary Monday morning here in New York City, and the rest of the week promises to be more of the same. But! There is something to look forward to. On Saturday, May 16, there will be an awesome event here in nyc called the Lit Crawl. As their site says, “It’s a bar crawl . . . with literature!”

We’re very excited to be a part of it and to be hosting our own event: Silk Ties vs. Black Eyes: A Night of Sartorial and Pharmacological Literary Trivia with Harper Perennial. Match wits with Tony O’Neill, the lord of the underground lit scene, who writes “like a man with his tongue in a light socket and his toe in a puddle of spilled blood” (Jerry Stahl), and Simon Van Booy, the tweed-clad professor who muses on the classics and authors short stories that are “chillingly beautiful” (LA Times). Test your breadth of literary knowledge with us, from the gritty, dark streets and hellish demons of cult fiction to the tender empathy and time-honored backlog of classical works. Winners get a silk tie (or an amazing prize package!), losers get a black eye. Just kidding. No violence will be inflicted on losers, just a loss of dignity and bragging rights.

Check out these videos from Simon and Tony, and you’ll get a pretty good idea why they’re representing their respective sides: