July 16, 2010

want to review our books? yes you do (I hope)

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This post is for bloggers. Hi!

As some of you know, every six weeks or so I send out an email with books for review. This email usually features 6 or so books. They’re almost always books of ours that I’ve read, books that I am passionate about, and books that might need a little extra push from me and from you guys to get out there. Occasionally (okay, most of the time) I work mentions of Chipotle and/or cats into these emails as well. Writing these emails is, hands down, one of my favorite parts of my job.

That’s where you come in. Do you want to get on this list? If you do, please please leave a comment on this entry. Put your email address in the email field, and your blog address in the actual comment.

Thanks if you do!