September 30, 2009

we have a winner!!!

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Can I just say how much I enjoyed the responses to our Jess Walter/Financial Lives of the Poets contest? I asked what you would go into debt for, and you gave me awesome answers like:

a sun roof
a private bookstore
a personal zipline (into a pool!)
a pet llama named Dillingham

But the winner was . . . Melissa C!!! Melissa C would go into debt for a cat rescue. And I swear to you, olive reader readers, that I picked her response totally randomly and not because I am obsessed with cats. Melissa, send me your address at erica dot barmash at harpercollins dot com, and I’ll pop your copy of The Financial Lives of the Poets in the mail.

Don’t be sad if you didn’t win—you can still win a copy of Totally Killer! And if you crave more Jess Walter, he’ll be reading at Barnes & Noble Tribeca in New York City tomorrow.