February 2009

toby barlow tomorrow night in brooklyn!

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  • February 04, 2009

Everything’s coming up Toby Barlow. The author of Sharp Teeth just won the ALA’s Alex Award (granted to adult novels that also appeal to young adults), he has a reading tomorrow night at 7:30 at Word Books (my favorite/only local bookstore) in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and his book inspired this very creative and cool animated video called “Hunger Like the Wolf.”


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  • February 04, 2009

Yesterday I received versions of the above text message from friends, family, colleagues, and even a few telemarketers. Yes. Believe it. Kill Your Friends author John Niven yielded to an interview by Entertainment Weekly, which totes the recently published novel as the “American Psycho of Brit Pop.”

Why stop there? Leon Neyfakh, taking close assessment of contemporary fiction’s anti-heroes in the New York Observer, inevitably wends his way to mentioning John, “whose recently published Kill Your Friends is narrated by an unscrupulous, misogynistic talent scout who sees rot in everyone and everything.” He’s also kinda handsome.

Also, in belated well-wishing, Douglas Coupland, author of Microserfs and Girlfriend in a Coma, just proffered the following praise: “I loved Kill Your Friends. Who didn’t? Scorched earth humor at its finest.” He just up and sent that ish. Maybe I kind of asked him, or, maybe it was just a spontaneous outpouring of goodwill and enthusiasm? Who’s to say? You? Me? Anyone? ‘Fraid not. Just is.

Now, I’m not trying to sell you on anything, but, in the face of a faulting economy, why not find reason to stimulate those nearest and dearest to you? Like your local bookseller? I mean, am I right or am I right?

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harper perennial helps bring people together

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  • February 04, 2009

We here at Harper Perennial are very excited to have been part of a marriage proposal! Shelf Awareness reports:

“Meagen Kucaj, publicity manager of Shaman Drum Bookshop, Ann Arbor, Mich., wrote that the store ‘hosted its best event ever—a marriage proposal! We were approached by a customer who asked if he could propose to his girlfriend at the store, as we are her favorite bookstore. He placed the ring on a bookmark inside Jeffrey Eugenides’s collection My Mistresses’s Sparrow Is Dead. He then put the book on display and waited patiently while she browsed the entire store. Finally, she came to the kiosk with the book and he pointed it out to her. She picked it up and looked confused until she opened it. Of course, she said yes! The bookseller at the desk was applauding, the bride-to-be was so surprised and delighted, and the groom-to-be could only thank himself for planning such a romantic moment.’”

Congratulations to the happy couple!

we should hire this guy

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  • February 02, 2009

Check out Mitch Ansara’s awesome fake book covers for movie novelizations:

Mean Girls:

Teen Wolf:


See more here.

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