March 25, 2010

CONTEST! Chilly Norwegian Thrillers, just in time for anyone who’s pissed spring is springing

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Meet Jo Nesbo.

Jo Nesbo got his start writing after tiring of being the frontman for one of Norway’s most popular rock bands, Di Derre. So he quit the band in the ’90’s, hopped a plane to Australia, and banged out his first manuscript in about 6 months. Since then he’s written eight internationally acclaimed crime novels starring Detective Harry Hole, and trust me, they’re GREAT. Full of suspense, grit, and deftly plotted twists — they read like watching a really good movie. For a chance to win a set of his first two books published in the U.S., The Redbreast and Nemesis, leave a comment about the fantasy life you’d like to be living before you jetset and start writing award-winning novels. Then go out and buy his latest, The Devil’s Star, in stores now!

Here’s Jo talking about the Harry Hole character in his sweet Norwegian accent.

I’ve got 3 sets of books to give away. Don’t be shy! We’ll announce the winners next week.