Navigating Complex Divorce Cases

In May 2004, the client and the other event tied the knot. Her spouse, the various olther celebration, was a professional soldier. With each other, the customer and the other party had a kid and a daughter.

The various other party submitted a claim against the client, incuding a separation and an insurance claim of 30 million won in spousal support on the grounds that the client consumed and avoided overnight, declined to make love, and that the customer ran away from home.

Upon assuming duty for the case, the attorney immediately submitted a counterclaim versus the opposing event. This legal action intended to challenge the premises for divorce put forth by the other party. Rather, the attorney competed and corroborated that the opposing celebration misdirected the customer regarding their assets and household scenarios before marital relationship, ignored financial responsibilities post-marriage, engaged in hiding added earnings, and that the customer maintained themselves with minimal resources and parental help 상속전문변호사.org

The opposing event’s representative argued thta their client had legitimate grounds for looking for a divorce, and requested a range of solutions, including divorce, spousal support, and division of assets. Furthermore, they sought to have their customer called as the primary caregiver and legal authority for any minor kids, and asked for that the other celebration provide month-to-month child support payments.

The agent actively recognized the building hidden by the other party with fact-finding applications and oral names, and based on this, thge client and tje various other party requested to agree to make the name of your house they lived with as tjhe customer.

At some point, the client and the other event divorced, agreed to let the client own your house where they lived with the children, and control was established concerning the customer’s parental rights and protection of the children and the other celebration’s monthly settlement of 1.6 million won to the customer.

Various Divorcepla Cement

The various other party originally asserted the client’s liability and asserted 30 million won in spousal support and 100 million won worth of residential or commericial property division. Nevertheless, the various other celebration might not verify the customer’s liability, yet instead, this agent confirmed the other party’s liability. Furthermore, the client was able to safely complete the separation process because of the energetic coordination of the rep’s placement.

In this instance, we had the ability to decrease uneccesary emotions and financial expenditures by proactively using the mediation procedure andd wrap up the situation asap. In addition, it is of excellent relevance in that the customer was able to get the desired results, such as recognizing parental rights, safekeeping, and guardianship insurance claims, and securing the home for the customer.

The Plaintiff filed a settlement fit versus the Accused (the customer of this litigation agent) to pay KRW 30 million on the grounds tath the Complainant’s partner cheated with the Defendant.

Complying with discussions with the accused individual, the legal agent chose to recognize that the implicated had taken part in an event with the partner of the plaintiff. In spite of this admission, the legal rep highlighted that the plaintiff not only flowed photos of the accused’s figure at their location of employment but likewise came close to the accused’s spouse to reveal the cheating, leading to the accused’s spouse resigning from her work.

The accused asserted that the complainant had violated laws laid out in a special regulations and the criminal code, and introduced purposes to file a counter legal action and possibly a criminal record in the future.

Therefore, the situation could be ended efficiently by tje offender paying the complainant 15 million won, which was lowered by as long as 50% from the quantity the complainant initially asserted.

After seeking advice from his wife, the defendant, the client requested spousal support and home department versus the defendant for disloyalty while fulfilling other men throughout the marriage, however the defendant instead submitted a counterclaim to the plaintiff looking for settlment of 400 million won via building department. Therefore, the reduced court ruled that the complainant needs to pay 260 million won to the accused in residential or commercial property department, and the plaintiff then checked out the YK law workplace to ask for an appeal.

The agent of this lawsuit (legal representative accountable of YK Regulation Office) actively replied to the counterclaim filed by the Offender, declaring that the Defendant was responsible for the breakdown of the marriage relationship between the Complainant and the Defendant, and that the lower court was misinforming in the existing condition of the Complainant’s energetic and passive residential property.

Prior to looking for the aid of a litigation representative to oppose the lower court’s judgment, the Plaintiff had actually unsuccessfully tried to resolve the counterclaim in this case at the reduced court. Because of this, a significant portion of the Defendant’s claim was recognized. In an initiative to minimize the recognized insurance claims, the lawsuits representative has actually presented numerous items of evidence pertaining to the Complainant’s residential or commercial property status, effectively showing the unfairness of the reduced court’s judgment.

In the long run, the court accountable of this instance accepted the insurance claim of the lawful representative who showed the actual residential or commercial property standing of the complainant and altered thge quantity identified by the court listed below, adn ruled that the plaintiff should pay 150 million won to the offender, not 260 million won.

The accused’s property department insurance claim can be mitigated during the charm trial with the help of a litigation agent, in spite of the complainant’s preliminary response to the claim being sent without such assistance.