March 17, 2010

Harper Perennial Pets Presents . . . Amber, Ginger, and Coco!

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This week, we’re expanding the reach of Harper Perennial Pets to include our friends from Eos. So in honor of the e-book launch of 19-year-old author Stephen V. Beirne’s NOVEMBER REIGN , we present his poodles: Amber, Ginger and Coco.


As Stephen says:

I have three energetic poodles, two miniatures and one toy. Amber is the oldest at age 13. She has a great dislike for other dogs, although she’s grown to enjoy her other two sisters over the past few years. She’s still energetic, always ready to race outside to hunt and play. She’s happy to be outside during summer’s heat or winter’s snow, unlike her four-year-old sister Ginger. Ginger’s the biggest in size of the three poodles. Although she sometimes acts a little lazy, always trying to find a shady spot in the yard to lay down as opposed to suffering the hot sun, she loves other animals and especially loves to play with Coco, my little chocolate toy poodle. Coco, who’s only a one-year-old, loves to play with both Ginger and Amber. Even though Amber growls at the puppy to leave her alone, Coco flattens herself into a submissive position making sad moans and cries as she squirms toward Amber on the floor. At first Amber did it out of annoyance, but now I think the two growl and cry at each other for fun. It’s like a game to them. Ginger usually just sits back and watches the action. It can get very loud in my house! When one dog begins to bark, it sets off a chain reaction. Even if there’s nothing outside and neither poodle knows what she’s barking at, they’ll all bark anyway. My poodles are full of energy and can be a handful sometimes, but they’re always full of love. Whenever I’m just sitting in the kitchen, doing some work or reading a book, they’ll come up to me and lay their heads on my lap or jump up on their back two legs and paw at me so that I’ll pick them up and hold them. Coco especially loves to do this, and since she’s so small, she’s the perfect size for me to hold her while I read or write a story on my laptop. All three poodles are extremely smart, but each is unique and has her own distinct personality.