October 05, 2010

help bookish cats chicken & waffles find a home!

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We here at Harper Perennial are happy to do our part to help cats in the publishing community find homes. And so:

A missive from editor Michael Signorelli:

I have learned of two wonderful cats who need a new home. Their names are Chicken and Waffles. If I wasn’t allergic, I might consider helping out myself. But knowing that readers of the Olive Reader are generous and big-hearted (and that Erica has quite a thing for cats herself), I thought this would be an appropriate venue to ask for help. Please see the details from the owner below.

Chicken and Waffles are two delightful cats that we are fostering that need to find their forever home. They are brothers, about 5 years old, and as cute and snuggly as can be. Chicken is the bigger one with the black nose and chin, and some of his favorite activities include sitting in the window and rolling over to get tummy rubs. Waffles is as sweet as syrup with a pink nose and a slight overbite (looks like he’s smiling!), and he likes to chase cat toys and be held like a baby. We’re sad we cannot keep them forever, but our apartment is not made for two cats and we would very much like to see them happy and settled with someone else. They have had all their shots and have been fixed. Please contact jaysones@gmail.com if you would like to meet them!