September 24, 2008

lunchtime reading: who by fire

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It’s almost lunchtime here at the Harper Perennial offices, and since I left the book I’m reading (State by State, see yesterday’s post for all sorts of cool info on that one) at home, that means I have to pick a new book for my lunchtime reading. I’m thinking it’s going to be Who By Fire, which just went on sale yesterday. To sum it up very, VERY quickly, it’s about a family where the younger daughter disappears and years later the son moves to Israel to become an Orthodox Jew and the older daughter messes up her own relationships. And when the younger daughter’s remains are finally found, the older daughter goes to Israel to bring her brother home.

Anyway, I decided to pick it up today after reading this interview with author Diana Spechler. She’s also the subject of the latest Harper Perennial podcast and, as I discovered at our party at Word a few weeks ago, a good friend of a high school acquaintance of mine.