August 19, 2009

NOT the Booker

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Are you aware that the Guardian is running a Not the Booker prize contest? Right now it’s in the (very long) longlist stage, which ends at midnight on August 23. Six finalists will then be chosen, and everyone is invited to discuss them on the site.

Of course, we have several titles in the running:

Tony O’Neill’s Down and Out on Murder Mile (out now)
Richard Milward’s Ten Storey Love Song (out now in the UK, on sale in the US October 20)
Sarah Hall’s How to Paint a Dead Man (out now in the UK, on sale in the US September 8)
Gil Adamnson’s The Outlander (out now from our friends at Ecco)

I’m ashamed to admit I have not read any of the titles on the longlist. Anyone want to stump for their favorite and capture my vote?